ExeIcon.com 3D Box Maker  is very easy to use, it can produce professional looking box-shot in just a few clicks!

1. First select the type of objects you want to create. 
You have 7 object types to choose from Box, Rounder Corner Box, Book, Note Book, Thick Book, CD and Curved Surface.
And a sample way is select a template by clicking "File->Open Templates". Let's select one.
2. Next, you can select a picture for the front image. 
Some free pictures are included with the software. You can find them in the folder "Installer Dir\Recourse".
Shadows, lighting direction, camera angle, floor reflection, object size, object rotation and so on, can be adjusted in "Objects" tab sheet.
We can keep them default because we are using template.
3. Add the text to the Front Image.
ExeIcon.com 3D Box Maker  lets you edit the image by clicking "Edit Current Picture" from the pop-menu. You can add text, crop image, draw lines, import image, and so on. Easy to use too.
4. Finally, adjust resolution to 400x400 and click "Render and Publish" button...
Ok, just 4 simple steps to create your professional looking box shot. Now you can boost your sales with the high quality box shots.

How does ExeIcon.com 3D Box Maker work?