1. How to update exe guarder to full version?
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2. Does exe guarder support the widnows exe file created by Adobe Flash CS5?
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3. How to add password to executable file quickly?
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4. Can I call the encrypted exe-file with the password as a command line parameter.
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5. Why my executable file can not run after encrypted?
    Some executable file has self-protection, which means that you can not modify it. Sometimes, you can fixed by binding arguments

6. Are all executable file supported?
    Currently, exe guarder supports PE32 format, which is the main format of exe file and most exe file belong to this format.

7. Is Exe Guarder safe?
    Yes, the software passed 42 anti-virus software detection. No virus is contained.


I want to register this. However there is a bug of some type. When you make a trial version of a program and it expires and the user clicks on cancel at the screen exeguarder provides, the program will not close properly on Windows 10, which causes Windows to kick up a message that the program has stopped working and Windows tries to find a a solution and then forces the close of the program.
-By Brice Manuel on September 30, 2017, 1:59 pm



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