Main Window

Password Dialog Window of exe-file encrypted by full version ExeGuarder

Password Dialog Window of exe-file encrypted by trial version ExeGuarder

Option window allows you customize caption,text,version,error message and so on

It allows you add Homepage and About button. Click Homepage to open your specify URL. Click About to show specified information.

Add trial period to your application by checking "Allow free trial". Trial period can be a few days, a few use-times or several minutes each time. Trial period can be removed by unchecking it.

Also, you can binding arguments to your exe-file.
If "Compress Exe File" is checked, the exe file will be smaller than original. Else it will keep original size. 
If "Remember password" is checked, user only need to input correct password one time.

You can test or restore your exe-file at the last step.

Screenshots of Exe Guarder

I want to register this. However there is a bug of some type. When you make a trial version of a program and it expires and the user clicks on cancel at the screen exeguarder provides, the program will not close properly on Windows 10, which causes Windows to kick up a message that the program has stopped working and Windows tries to find a a solution and then forces the close of the program.
-By Brice Manuel on September 30, 2017, 1:59 pm



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